Connecting The World Through Innovative Entertainment Experiences

We believe in the power of shared experiences to connect people—to each other, to their favorite entertainment brands, to ideas, and more. Encore Holdings companies are built around creating those experiences and maximizing that impact whether it’s extending the reach of an artist’s world tour, educating and exciting a team around a product launch, or using the latest technology to enhance and extend that experience before, during, and after an event. Each company in our family of brands is built to bring one aspect of that vision to life for our clients, partners, and their fans. Together, Encore Holdings companies can host it, beam it, stage it, book it, and amplify it. Now meet the family…

Live Entertainment Events Production & Promotion

Entertainment is the key we use to help people connect emotionally to your message, brand, and each other. That increases buy-in and lets the audience take that message home with them whether you’re trying to convert them into a life-long fan or your organization’s best salesperson. From our people to our technology to our meticulous service, our private and corporate events are designed from the ground up to create an impact that lives on long past the event itself.

Worldwide Satellite Events Featuring The Biggest Names In Entertainment

We amplify A-list entertainment events by beaming them simultaneously to a network of thousands of live, in-person satellite events worldwide. Whether it’s music, sports, or other top-tier entertainment, fans are everywhere and with our exclusive network of venues across the globe, we bring the show to them. We’re changing the game by making it easy, convenient and affordable.

Entertainment-Driven Event Planning And Production

There’s nothing like the magic of seeing your favorites on-stage with 20,000 of your closest friends. Through partnerships with live venues, we create timeless experiences featuring the biggest names in entertainment. By keeping the fan experience at the center of everything we do, we build events and tours that work for fans, entertainment brands, and venues.

Entertainment Booking Agency For Events

We help companies, organizations, and event planners find and procure the best live entertainment for their audience within the constraints of their brand, budget, and timeline. Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t represent the talent. We exclusively represent buyers. Not only does that give us buying power, it gives us the experience to avoid pitfalls of dealing with high-end talent and cut through the back and forth to maximize our clients budget helping them focus on building an extraordinary event.

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